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A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photographer

Choosing a wedding photographer can be a difficult task with so many options available. And  as it’s such an important selection, the selection process can feel overwhelming. We’ve got some straightforward tips to make choosing the perfect photographer for your wedding easier! This advice is provided by Cherish Photography. We specialise in destination wedding photography in Airlie Beach, the Whitsundays, Queensland.

Book your venue first

Booking your venue first ensures that you have your wedding date locked in. With the venue secured, the search for a photographer that matches your style can begin. In fact, this should be the very next step in planning your wedding. We just had a bride waiting on confirmation from the venue before she booked us. Within the hour of securing the venue, we were booked as her wedding photographer!

Decide on the style of photography you like

Before delving into the search, determine the style of photography that resonates with you. Do you prefer traditional, classic portraits or candid, photojournalistic shots? Are you drawn to a moody, artistic style or vibrant and airy images? Understanding your preferences will help narrow down the search.

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Research and Review Portfolios

Now the fun part. Start researching photographers in your area whose portfolios align with your preferred style. For example, in the Whitsundays, in Google, search for Whitsunday Wedding Photography. This will give you all the photographers in this area. Now you simply browse through their websites, social media, and portfolios to get a sense of their expertise, consistency, and storytelling ability. Look for a diverse portfolio showcasing different wedding scenarios. Does the photographer’s wedding portfolio match the style that you like?

At Cherish Photography we blend all styles of wedding photography together to provide the ultimate wedding day photo coverage. We believe that this captures the essence of every wedding. Those behind the scenes natural images, that often go unnoticed, must be captured with the skill and reactions of a reportage photographer.  Traditional photos are what your parents and grandparents will want, and it’s also important to have some of them from your wedding. Then there’s the fun part of contemporary photography where we get to produce dramatic and unique photos, that feel more stylish and like magazine quality photographs. Where we stand out, is that  we’re able to do this in a unique manner so that it feels totally natural. And let’s face it. Most people aren’t models so they want the process to be natural and enjoyable!

Establish what the total cost will be

Determining the photographer’s cost is a crucial aspect in making your decision. Some may opt for an hourly rate, while others offer package deals. It’s essential to clarify any additional charges for albums, extra pictures, or high-resolution images. Also, confirm the duration the photographer will be present, and discuss the locations for the photo tour. Collaborate to outline an itinerary for the day to ensure everyone is aligned with the planned events.

What’s included & fine print

Are there any additional costs we may encounter?

What exactly will you shoot on the day?

How long will it take to receive our photos?

Have you worked at our venue before?

What will we receive as part of your photography package?

Will you have a backup of our images?

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

A bride and groom hung on beach rocks at night with flash photography at Villa Botanica.

Trust your instincts

When the moment of decision arrives, thoroughly examine all the gathered information and trust your instincts! Ask yourselves: Do both you and your partner feel a connection with this individual? Can you envision them being present on your wedding day? Is there a sense of comfort with the photographer? If the answer is yes, you might have discovered the ideal wedding photographer for your special day!


Selecting the right wedding photographer is a pivotal decision in preserving the essence of your wedding day for years to come. Invest time in research, communicate openly, and choose someone who not only possesses the technical skills but also shares your vision for capturing the magic of your special day.

That’s a wrap for the A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photographer.

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