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It was just a regular pre-wedding meeting with a couple from Melbourne 3 days before their wedding at Villa Botancia in the Whitsundays. They were dog lovers so we met for a relaxed coffee at Rufus and Co.

After chatting for a while, the bride mentioned that she was feeling anxious and self-conscious about having her wedding photos taken. She said that they were not really photography-type people and didn’t like their photos being taken. I quickly replied, “Neither do I.”

That response always amuses couples. I think they expect photographers to be comfortable on either side of the camera. But we know, all too well, how easily people can take poor photos or make you feel awkward.

After their surprised laughter, I asked if I could quickly take their photo with my phone. Nothing fancy, just a quick snap to demonstrate the process.

A couple of minutes later and you could see the relief on the bride-to-be’s face. She felt comfortable, had an enjoyable moment and a nice photo as well (even though it was taken with just my phone). They were pleasantly surprised at how easy and fun the process was.

What I had done, was take an unknown process, and by demonstrating it, made it real and tangible. The couple’s concerns vanished almost instantly. And we were off and running, so to speak!

Sometimes I think that anxiety can come from the unknown. Not knowing the photographer and how they’re going to work with you. Are they fun, light-hearted and able to make potentially stressful and emotional times enjoyable? Or are they demanding and too picky about posing that it spoils the wedding day (to a certain extent)?

I feel that the way a photographer works with his or her wedding couples is a reflection on them. You must naturally be a relaxed and calm person at all times, so that you’re a calming influence on everyone around you. But, my approach has evolved over time. Now I work hard to ensure that the wedding day photography is about an enjoyable and memorable experience! That’s first and foremost. Of course, I must always be able to deliver stunning images for every wedding couple. And let’s face it, you’re regular everyday people, and not models, so why should you put up with potentially awkward posing?!

You want nostalgic, emotional and unscripted images!

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I’ve never been into the stand over there and smile for the camera. Oh yuck! How boring! It’s such a stiff and awkward way to photograph. It’s much more appealing to ask something like, “Can you guys hold hands and walk over there and chat about what you thought when you saw each other for the first time today (while walking down the aisle)?” Sounds much more appealing doesn’t it? Of course, I’ve carefully chosen a nice location for that authentic moment to happen, but the connection, the talk, and the memory are very real. They’re what will be remembered when the couple look at their wedding day photographs.

Additionally, you’ve just had some fun, connected with each other about your wedding day (re-lived it in real time), which makes the day last longer, and got a beautiful postcard style photography which is authentic to how you are as a couple! Wow. What a lovely new age way to photograph!

Put another way, you get images that you get to look back on knowing that they were real. That was you!

That’s the true magic, in our opinion, of a gifted wedding photographer. A person who creates a beautiful experience and magical images at the same time!

But don’t take my word for it. Let’s hear it from our bride Kat.

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