A bride and groom dance on the beach rocks as the sun sets at Villa Botanica QLD.



VILLA BOTATANICA – Whitsunday Wedding Photography Venue


For the brides-to-be who want the most exclusive and best wedding venue in the Whitsundays Queensland, then Villa Botanica is for you. Sure this region has other great wedding locations, such as Hayman Island, or Whitehaven Beach (if a simple gorgeous beach wedding is what you’re after) but they simply don’t compare to the vast array of photo locations that Villa Botanica offers.

If you’re dreaming of a fairytale destination wedding venue in Airlie Beach in the Whitsundays? Then look no further. Villa Botanica is your magical wedding venue!!

Villa Botanica, the Whistundays QLD

Villa Botanica is on Botanica Drive in The Whitsundays and is nothing short of a fairytale location.

Strictly speaking there is no magic, enchantments, mythical or fanciful beings, but there is undeniably a magic surrounding the location! Maybe because it began as a love story. The owner and founder created Villa Botanica for his princess wife. And what a gift! In our opinion, it is one of the best wedding venues in Queensland!

What Villa Botanica has in common with a fairy tale is that it is surrounded with happiness (a happy ending and tales of romance) which are essentially what weddings are. Simply speaking, we view weddings as a romantic LOVE story. Hopefully, that is evident when you look through the wedding photos created by CHERISH Photography.

Around 100 weddings are held at Villa Botanica every year.

The wedding venue has waterfront gardens (that overlook the Coral Coast Sea) and is spread over five acres. And when we say gardens, these have to be seen to be believed. They even include a cactarium (a garden with just cacti in it) which is truly unique. With such distinctive landscaping, you would expect the buildings to be good. They don’t fail to disappoint and are Balinese-inspired. They make you feel like you’re overseas. Imported marble floors, hand-carved antique furniture, and beautifully ornate teak and merbau wood detailing are just some of the features that make Villa Botanica a truly unique wedding venue in the Whitsundays.

Wedding Photography VILLA BOTANICA ceremony natural flower shower Whitsundays

INTIMACY – Villa Botanica

Another thing we love about Villa Botanica is its intimacy. They can accommodate up to 60 guests, which means your wedding will have the nearest and dearest in your life there, while still maintaining a serene, dreamy, relaxed atmosphere.

We love pretty much everything about Villa Botanica. It is the ultimate destination wedding venue in the Whitsundays. It has ocean frontage to the Coral Sea, its own private beach, and magical gardens.  It is a wedding photographer’s paradise! In our opinion, it has unparalleled wedding photo locations that deliver every single time.

Wedding Photography VILLA BOTANICA Whitsundays Spectacular stunning QLD


Our most favourite thing about this venue is its PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES. Villa Botanica is hands down one of the most beautiful venues to photograph a wedding at in the Whitsundays. There is no need to travel around to different places for your LOCATION PORTRAITS. The venue has an option and location to suit everyone! Photographing here is a breeze and not a lot of time needs to be wasted on a long photo session, as everything is so close we get STUNNING IMAGES extremely quickly.

That’s a wrap for Villa Botanica

Address: Botanica Drive, The Whitsundays, Queensland 4802
Photography: Cherish Photography – Warren Papas

If you have any questions about Villa Botanica feel free to ask us in the
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If you have any questions about Villa Botanica feel free to ask us in the
comments below, or contact Warren @



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