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How much should I spend on my photography at my wedding?

Whitsunday Wedding Photography Pricing


How much should I spend on my photography at my wedding?

Our answer to this question is the amount that it costs to have the photographer whose photographs you LOVE and who will be a good fit for you (their style of shooting and personality are a good fit).

However, it’s often not that simple and we all have budgets to work with. We hear you. You want to know if the photographer that you love is within your price bracket. And that’s fair enough.

We all make our pricing different too which makes choosing via price difficult. Sorry (on behalf of all Whitsunday wedding photographers). I think we make our pricing different so that it’s hard for clients to choose just on pricing. That’s because we don’t want you to. We want our clients choosing us because they love our work!

But trying to help you our with how much you should spend on your Whitsunday wedding photography pricing.


The short answer is around $400 per hour with you receiving all the digital files.

You need to check exactly what you’re receiving. We give our couples all the digital files at their full resolution (you get to print them really big if you wish) and there is no watermarking. You’re also free to use them however you wish. There’s no restrictions whatsoever. They’re yours to copy, give away, print, make albums, slideshows, whatever your heart desires.

Some photographers will reduce the size of the images, or not give you all of them. You really need to check their details. We have a PRICING GUIDE that we email couples that details both our wedding photography approach and our full pricing structure. We want them to know exactly what they’re getting. And with us, it’s pretty much everything.

We’ve done the album sales before, and while we believe that nothing shows off your wedding day more than a premium wedding album with our images in it, we’ve opted for a more family friendly structure which has us giving you all your images at full resolution and saving us many hours of designing!

Whitsunday Wedding Photography Pricing Villa Botanica


The better a photographer the more they will usually charge. It’s a rough rule, but it means that you’re paying a premium for the years they have spent learning and refining their approach. Wedding photographers must be technically skilled but also have well above average people skills to allow them to deliver great images at every wedding time and time again!

We don’t charge less for a 12 hour day compared to an 8 hour day. There’s no economy of scale. Our reasons are it’s a much longer day, and to a certain affect, interferes with our following day.

Back to the nuts and bolts. Let’s say the labour for a 8 hour day is worth $500. That’s about the going rate for trades at the moment. There will be another 4 days of work to finalise that wedding. So one week all up. So the labour is $2,500. How much is each image worth? $1, $2, $5, $25?! Do you only want 10 of them at $25 an image? Or would you rather all of them at $2 an image? Should we even be saying that some images are worth more than others?

That upfront price of $400 per hour of shooting time now sounds reasonable? Doesn’t it? We think so.

We deliver around 500 to 700 images for every 8 hour wedding. So for 500 images at $2 an image that’s an extra $1000. This brings the cost of an 8 hour wedding to $3,500. Just between us, we give you the extra images for free. We don’t want any unexpected cost surprises after your wedding. You know everything up front.

That’s a wrap for Whitsunday Wedding Photography Pricing.

Are you dreaming of a fairytale wedding photography EXPERIENCE that still delivers absolutely STUNNING images that captures the true spirit of your wedding day? Then look no further.

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