A wedding couple embracing with a veil in the wind in a natural moment at Whitehaven Beach photographed by Warren Papas.



At its core, a wedding is a love story between a man and wife. And by their very nature, love stories are intimate. There’s just the two of you! So it’s not surprising that many couples choose to celebrate this love with a small and intimate wedding!

So ditch the long guest list (and expense) and enjoy a more intimate and (possibly) meaningful wedding. In this guide, Cherish Photography – Whitsunday Wedding Photography, will guide you through this enjoyable, and increasingly popular, celebration of love, that simply has your core family and friends present.

A wedding couple embracing with a veil in the wind in a natural moment at Whitehaven Beach photographed by Warren Papas.

Intimate Weddings allow you to FOCUS more on YOU

We love the fact that small, intimate weddings allow couples to focus on what’s important to them – what they want!

In Airlie Beach, which is a destination wedding location, we’re finding increasing numbers of couples opting for smaller, less stressful and more affordable weddings. Once you decide to have a smaller wedding, for reasons that you don’t need to justify to anyone, you get to say goodbye to Reception blowout costs, reduce wedding planning anxiety and have more money to spend on your honeymoon! Winning!!

Considering if an intimate wedding is for you? Read on to discover why an intimate wedding might be the perfect fit for you.

Unleash your creative flair within the realm of intimate weddings. Embracing a more limited guest list widens your scope for venue selection and allows for meticulous planning of every intricate detail.

Remember when you were on the hunt for venues? Did the capacity to accommodate guests heavily influence your choices? With a reduced guest count, venues that once appeared too snug suddenly emerge as feasible options. Museums, enclosed gardens, sprawling fields, historical landmarks, exclusive clubs, or even the allure of a yacht could now be within reach. The landscape of possibilities expands endlessly.

Moreover, within this intimate setting, you have the canvas to infuse your personal style and craft an ambiance that genuinely reflects your essence. Remember those grand visions of opulent floral arrangements that seemed daunting? Now, with a more intimate gathering, you can channel your resources toward what holds true significance, opting for quality over sheer quantity.

That’s a wrap for The Complete Guide to Planning an Intimate Wedding.

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