A bride and groom share a laugh during ceremony at Villa Botanica.

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A Wedding Timing Guide, also known as a Wedding Day Timeline, serves as a crucial tool in ensuring a well-organized, smooth-flowing, and memorable wedding celebration. There are some compelling reasons to have a Wedding Timing Guide.

A well-structured timeline helps synchronize all aspects of a wedding day, from pre-ceremony preparations to the final send-off. This ensures that events transition smoothly without any hiccups. It optimizes photography opportunities. A detailed timeline allows the photographer to plan and capture all the important moments, ensuring that every cherished memory is captured. For our brides, probably the most important aspect of a Wedding Timing Guide is that it reduces stress and anxiety. Knowing exactly what needs to happen and when provides peace of mind and comfort for a lot of people.

A bride and groom share a laugh during ceremony at Villa Botanica.


In this Wedding Timing Guide, we’ll provide you with an example of a typical timing guide for a Airlie Beach wedding with the photographer beginning with photographing the Bride Getting Ready (although you’ll notice that we arrive 30 minutes before this time to photograph wedding details). This is what 10 hours of photography coverage would look like.

In the Whitsundays the sun sets around 6pm (give or take depending on the time of the year). We want to always use this beautiful, soft light, which never lasts very long, but always produces stunning Location Portraits! Therefore, in the Whitsundays, the Reception is typically just after sunset. In the example below, we’ve set the Reception for a 6:30pm start.

1:00pm       Photographer arrives and begins shooting details

1:30pm       Bride is dressed and ready for pre-ceremony photography

2:45pm       Wedding guests start arriving

3:10pm       Ceremony begins

3:30pm       Ceremony ends

3:45pm       Family photos

4:00pm       Bridal Party photos

4:30pm       Couple photos

6:30pm       Reception begins / Bridal Party entrance

8:00pm       Speeches

9:00pm       Cake cutting

9:30pm       First dance

11:00pm    Guests leave

That’s a wrap for this short Wedding Timing Guide.

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