A bride and groom hugging with lights in the foreground at Villa Botanica.

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OUR APPROACH to capturing AMAZING WEDDING PHOTOS (in the Whitsundays)

A bride and groom hugging with lights in the foreground at Villa Botanica.

Whitsunday Wedding Photographer Styles & Approaches

When you’re looking at wedding photographers in the Whitsundays it’s easy to become overawed with how different our images are. Our photography styles can vary significantly! Some photographers are exclusively natural light, others use video lights and some use flash! Or in very rare cases, photographers, like us at Cherish, will use every lighting source at our disposal to create magical wedding photographs taking advantage of the natural beauty of the Whitsundays.

But, almost equally as important, is our way of working with our clients. Photographers are unique individuals, just like everyone else in the world. This makes it easy to understand that not only will our approach to how and what we photography vary, but also the manner in which we interact (and direct) our wedding couples!

At CHERISH Photography we’ll create natural moments where you don’t feel posed, or awkward, and still produce spectacular wedding photos for you (in Airlie Beach). You’ll have a ball with us while we’re working with you too! Guaranteed!

But we weren’t always like this. Sure we were always fun, as that’s in our DNA! But while we were developing our own signature style and approach we took inspiration from Yervant and Jerry Ghionis. Both create absolutely amazing photographs, but perfect posing is prevalent in both their approaches. We still LOVE their wedding photos, but not necessarily their way of working with couples!

We prefer to naturally get you into positions that work photographically so that you ENJOY the EXPERIENCE. Posing can make you feel awkward, and that’s not the ticket to creating natural, loving and romantic images, in our opinion!

For us, the biggest key to the success of Location Portraits is ensuring that you (mainly the bride) feel completely relaxed and comfortable. It’s essential to creating our imagery and the whole experience of working with us. We’ll move heaven and earth to have you feeling relaxed!

We even create a time where you can step back from the craziness of the day and have quiet moments together (alone as newly weds). It’s so easy to get swept up in everything that occurs during your wedding day that often people forget to live (and enjoy) the present moment.  And while we’re creating time to extend your day, and give you time together, we’ve chosen as picture perfect location for this to occur in and you can be guaranteed that we’re creating amazing and authentic wedding photographs during this time!

I almost forgot to mention how we took the romantic image above. It was taken during the Reception and went something like this, “Hey guys I have a cool idea for a photo where I’ll shoot through some lights and you’ll be in a romantic position on the other side. Are you up for it?” I always check as they might have had enough, and that’s fair. Luckily this couple was up for it. I simply asked them to stand in the middle, touch foreheads and asked the bride to gently pull her new husband’s head towards her. Very simply low key directions. Sound like the wedding photography approach that you would like to experience?

Real, authentic photographs that you will love now and forever!

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